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Your Questions About Krown Longboards

Ruth asks…

Are Krown Longboards Good?

Im getting my first longboard and i found some nice cheap krown longboards and wanna know if there good longboards before i get one
any information will help

eric answers:

No, i have ridden a krown longboard. They suck. You have to push like 20 times to go five feet. If you want something in the 70-80 dollar range youll have to go with a mini cruiser. If you want a long pintail, the least youll have to spend for a good one is like 100-120 dollars. If you get a sector 9, arbor or an original longboard, it is well worth the money.

Helen asks…

What is your opinion of Krown longboards?

eric answers:

There not bad, there ok

John asks…

Krown Longboards Help!!!?

I am looking for a krown pintail for a low price!!!! PLEASE HELP

eric answers:

Try craigslist or check these ones out:

Good luck finding one sweetie!

Mark asks…

is krown longboards made out of bamboo?

eric answers:

Not completely. Just one ply is bamboo, the rest is maple.

Maria asks…

krown kicktail and pintail longboards?

i want to start to longboard it looks fun but when i ask my parents for a sector 9 or a loaded my parents say its a waste so im going to use my own money to buy a krown longboard its not to expesive but theres two a pintail and a kicktail im gonna be just going place to place ,carving ,downhilling and slides ,Which is better (im probly going to change the wheels trucks and bearings to) plz help

eric answers:

Krown is crap, don’t waste your money on it. Save up and get a decent board, at least a Kracked Skulls Scimitar. Runs about $150 and it comes with quality components, you’ll want to grab some griptape and bushings from Longboardskater though (the quartz grip option from KS is expensive and crappy, and good bushings make for a whole new ride).

Go for a 40″ Scimitar with Randals, Flashbacks, and Abec 5 bearings.


And grab this griptape and 4 of these bushings:

That’s a sick setup for doing everything you described.

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